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Training Schedule:
February 2015 through April 2015

Risk Management in Public Contracting

Date Location Site Duration Certification UPPC Points CEU Units Min Attend Instructor Cost Notes
Feb 24 & 25 Boise ISP-Meridian 2 day 16 hrs. 2 1.5   TBD $470.00 Confirmed

Risk is a critical consideration in the contracting and procurement process. A thoughtful and proactive approach toward risk, as it relates to specific procurement actions, contributes to the success of contract performance. Risk is directly related to the successful achievement of targeted goals and objectives. The procurement manager must ensure that the risks associated with each procurement action have been identified, assessed, and mitigated to the practicable maximum extent, while taking cost and other factors into consideration. The emphasis of this course will be on developing a solid understanding of the complexities of risk management and recognizing the importance of planning, monitoring and proactive insight and oversight into risk areas related to the contract’s stated performance outputs and outcomes.

  • Identify and develop risk management strategies for implementation, monitoring and surveillance of the inherent risks in the contract.
  • Identify types and levels/degree of risk (contract type, internal and external factors, procurement cycle).
  • Evaluate the levels of risk (conduct risk assessment) and associate mitigation techniques/risk handling alternatives.
  • Develop a risk management plan using the four-phase process. (Pre and post award activities)
  • Integrate risk management elements into contract administration.

Covers: Defining Risks, 4 phases of risk, Assessing levels of risk, Risk handling methods, Tools & Techniques, Monitoring and Surveillance


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Fundamentals of Leadership and Management in Public Procurement

Date Location Site Duration Certification UPPC Points CEU Units Min Attend Instructor Cost Notes
Apr TBD Boise ISP-Meridian 2 day 16 hrs. 2 1.5   TBD $470.00  

Designed to examine leadership and management issues regularly faced by public sector professionals, this course will focus on topics of motivation, decision making, communication, conflict management, group dynamics, and organizational change, with more attention being paid as to how these issues relate. Such discussions of theory with practical application are intended to improve an organization’s effectiveness when considering the professional.

  • Explore procurement's strategic role in the organization and its relationship to Finance, Human Resources, Budget, Information Technology and Legal functions.
  • Assess opportunities to improve performance of the procurement organization.
  • Evaluate the concepts of leadership and management in public organizations and how each contributes to the success of goals and objectives within the organization.
  • Utilize effective communication, internally and externally

Covers: Mint Theory and Concepts, Leadership Theory, Procurement within large organizations, Communications, Continuous Improvement


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Intro to Public Procurement

Date Location Site Duration Certification UPPC Points CEU Units Min Attend Instructor Cost Notes
TBD Boise ISP-Meridian 1 day 8 hrs 1 0.75 15 Bonnie Sletten, CPM, CPPO None  

Public Procurement is quite different from the private industry with regard to Idaho Code and IDAPA policies. This class is for purchasing people who are new to public procurement.

  • How Public Purchasing is Different
  • Idaho Purchasing History
  • Statutes and Rules
  • The Purchasing Process
  • Types of Purchasing
  • Integrity, Ethics & Vendor Relationships

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