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State Buyer Training

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Training Schedule:

Developing and Managing RFP's in the Public Sector

Date Location Site Duration Certification CEU Units Min Attend Cost Notes
Feb 16-18,
Meridian ISP POST 3 day 24 hrs 2.2 10 $670.00 FULL

Designed for procurement professionals that are entrenched in the competitive process, this in-depth study of RFPs, from development through evaluation, will be enlightening. Major topics to be covered include managing the process, evaluating submissions, negotiations and an overview of the subsequent contract. Those interested in gaining a thorough understanding of the process and its implications for successful public procurement should be encouraged to attend. Team leaders, committee members, contract administrators and procurement managers in addition to any other procurement professional interested in achieving “best value” during this acquisition process should register. Identify and define terms, concepts and principles of the contract administration process

  • The RFP planning and development process
  • Describe RFP team roles and responsibilities
  • Identify and describe the different types of evaluation methodologies and their associated application
  • Describe proposal handling processes
  • Define and describe the concept of the RFP negotiation process
  • Identify and describe how to manage post award issues in accordance with the commonly accepted practices of the profession.

Covers: Planning Document Development, Handling Procedures, Evaluation Process, T&Cs, Negotiations


A good chunk of Jon Walton’s higher education was devoted to environmental and natural resources policy and science. Jon came to government procurement in 1997, working in state agencies, and has been fortunate to handle a large variety of procurements and contracting situations. Jon strives to be a champion for state procurement training and certification in Oregon, has a graduate Certificate in Public Management, and is heavily involved in the NIGP Principles and Practices initiative and currently is vice-chair of the NIGP Legislative & Position Committee.

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Capital Acquisition

Date Location Site Duration Certification CEU Units Min Attend Cost Notes
Mar 9 & 10,
Meridian ISP - POST 2 day 16 hrs 1.5 10 $480.00 Confirmed

As procurement professionals we must…focus on enterprise and strategic planning [and] recognize that far greater value can be achieved through strategic procurement planning than through routine order placing.

Given this significant investment of government resources, how does the responsible public procurement

Course Objectives:

  • Identify major types of capital acquisition specifications and develop strategic acquisition process and plan.
  • Develop and prepare effective capital acquisition specifications, Statements of Work, contract pricing strategies and contract terms and conditions.
  • Select the appropriate source selection method and describe the components required to successfully award a contract that meets the needs of the client.
  • Evaluate offers, make awards and/or negotiate an optimal contract solution.
  • Develop and describe contract administration functions specifically related to capital acquisitions.

Materials cover the following:

  • The total cost of ownership (Life Cycle Costing)
  • Analyzing financial options (lease/finance/purchase)
  • Effective Specifications; identifying poorly written or restrictive specifications
  • Requirements for writing effective, efficient specifications and SOW's
  • Effective Terms and Conditions in consideration of existing legal requirements
  • How good specifications impact pricing strategy
  • Warranty Technical specs
  • The award process
  • Disputes
  • Termination
  • Close Out


Ken has over 33 years’ experience in purchasing and contracting – 13 years in the electronics industry and over 20 years in the public sector. He has served as the Director for two large county governments with some very diverse stakeholders. Ken is currently in private practice providing educational and consulting services to individuals, public and private organizations. He also serves as an ethics counselor for two large not-for-profit organizations.

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Intro to Public Procurement

Date Location Site Duration Certification CEU Units Min Attend Cost Notes
Apr 6,
Meridian ISP
1 day 8 hrs 0.75 15 None Confirmed

Public Procurement is quite different from the private industry with regard to Idaho Code and IDAPA policies. This class is for purchasing people who are new to public procurement.

  • How Public Purchasing is Different
  • Idaho Purchasing History
  • Statutes and Rules
  • The Purchasing Process
  • Types of Purchasing
  • Integrity, Ethics & Vendor Relationships


Contact Bonnie Sletten at

Contract Administration

Date Location Site Duration Certification CEU Units Min Attend Cost Notes
Apr 12-14,



3day 24hrs 2.2 10 $650.00 Confirmed

This class is designed for contract managers at every level. Contract managers with significant experience will find the material to be useful, as it examines contract administration in the context of 21st century contract challenges. Material addresses contracting from a global perspective, i.e. unique statutes and/or regulations may be mentioned; however the material transcends state or national level interest by offering a look at the process and best practices that have application regardless of unique laws and regulations that may govern within a particular jurisdiction.

  • Identify and define terms, concepts and principles of the contract administration process
  • Describe the steps needed to design, develop and formulate the CAP and PAP
  • Given a contractual problem or issue describe an appropriate remedy
  • Identify and define contract modification types, uses and applications
  • Describe dispute resolution methods
  • Describe how contract administration can be continually improved to enhance contract performance in accordance with the commonly accepted practices of the profession.

Covers: Parameters and Value of Contract Mint, Considerations, Planning Performance, Teams Roles and Responsibilities, Contract Activities, Inspection and Acceptance, Modifications, Deliverables, Disputes, Appeals, Payments, Termination and Close out.


Kirk Buffington is Director of the Department of Procurement Services for the City of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Mr. Buffington has served as President of the Florida Association of Public Purchasing Officers, and became President of NIGP on July 1, 2008. In addition to his activities with NIGP Mr. Buffington has also served the National Purchasing Institute, NPI,. Mr. Buffington has co-authored the new NIGP LEAP text “The Legal Aspects of Purchasing” and has published numerous articles in the NIGP Tech Bulletin, and various articles concerning Procurement Case Law in the state and local NIGP and FAPPO newsletters.

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Legal Aspects of Public Procurement

Date Location Site Duration Certification CEU Units Min Attend Cost Notes
May 17-19, 2016 Meridian ISP
3 day 24 hrs 2.2 10 $670.00 Confirmed

Individuals who want to increase their understanding of both the capability and limitation of the law on government procedures will be responsive to the course content. In addition, this course will be beneficial to all those who work alongside those in the public sector and must operate under the guidelines of procurement law for the successful acquisition of products and services.

  • Identify and define public purchasing legal terms, concepts and principles.
  • Apply basic legal concepts and principles to practical public procurement situations.
  • Describe how the three categories of law ― the common law of contracts, statutory law and administrative law ― apply to public purchasing.
  • Describe how the laws establish the rights and obligations of all parties.
  • Distinguish between ethical and legal requirements and apply the appropriate actions and conduct.
  • Describe the role of the public professional in the application of procurement and contract law in accordance with the commonly accepted practices of the profession.

Covers: UCC, Antitrust, Legal Content, Mistakes, Protests Debarment, Software issues, Ethics;


Ron King is a CPPO, CPPB, and a Virginia Contracting Officer (VCO) and has over 26 years of purchasing experience in both the private and public sectors. He has performed procurement duties in many capacities as several state organizations. Ron develops and teaches classes on various procurement-related topics for the Virginia Association of Governmental Purchasing (VAGP), Capitol Area Purchasing Association (CAPA) and NIGP.

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