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Training Schedule:
August 2014 through December 2014


Date Location Site Duration Certification UPPC Points CEU Units Min Attend Instructor Cost Notes
Sept 17-18 2014 Boise TBD 2 day 16 hrs 2 1.5 8 TBD $470.00 Confirmed

Highly recommended for any candidate planning to take the CPPB Exam issued by the Universal Public Purchasing Certification Council (UPPCC).

In an effort to prepare candidates for the computer based written CPPB exam containing 175 questions, this course provides a review that addresses key information on topics identified in the 2008 UPPCC Body of Knowledge. Considered as a tool to help the student in assessing  their own strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the subject matter, this course is only a part of the candidates overall study plan for preparation. Candidates authorized to test should enroll in the course at least three months prior to the selected test date. Participation in this class does not guarantee success on the examination.  

  • This course addresses all 10 domain areas identified in the Body of Knowledge.
  • Administration, Procurement Requests, Solicitation and Evaluation of Bids/Proposals, Supplier Analysis
  • Negotiation Process, Contract Award and Administration, External/Internal Relationships, Materials Management
  • Human Resources/Personnel, Forecasting and Strategies


    Contract Administration

    Date Location Site Duration Certification UPPC Points CEU Units Min Attend Instructor Cost Notes
    Oct 28-30, 2014 Boise TBD 3 day 24 hrs 3 2.2 10 Kirk Buffington $635.00 FULL

    This class is designed for contract managers at every level. Contract managers with significant experience will find the material to be useful, as it examines contract administration in the context of 21st century contract challenges. Material addresses contracting from a global perspective, i.e. unique statutes and/or regulations may be mentioned; however the material transcends state or national level interest by offering a look at the process and best practices that have application regardless of unique laws and regulations that may govern within a particular jurisdiction.

    • Identify and define terms, concepts and principles of the contract administration process
    • Describe the steps needed to design, develop and formulate the CAP and PAP
    • Given a contractual problem or issue describe an appropriate remedy
    • Identify and define contract modification types, uses and applications
    • Describe dispute resolution methods
    • Describe how contract administration can be continually improved to enhance contract performance in accordance with the commonly accepted practices of the profession.

    Covers: Parameters and Value of Contract Mint, Considerations, Planning Performance, Teams Roles and Responsibilities, Contract Activities, Inspection and Acceptance, Modifications, Deliverables, Disputes, Appeals, Payments., Termination and Close out.

    Kirk Buffington is Director of the Department of Procurement Services for the City of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Mr. Buffington has served as President of the Florida Association of Public Purchasing Officers, and became President of NIGP on July 1, 2008. In addition to his activities with NIGP. Mr. Buffington has also served the National Purchasing Institute, NPI,. Mr. Buffington has co-authored the new NIGP LEAP text “The Legal Aspects of Purchasing” and has published numerous articles in the NIGP Tech Bulletin, and various articles concerning Procurement Case Law in the state and local NIGP and FAPPO newsletters.

Protests and Disputes: What's a Buyer to Do?

Date Location Site Duration Certification UPPC Points CEU Units Min Attend Instructor Cost Notes
Nov 5, 2014 Meridian ISP 1 day 8 hrs 1 0.75 10 TBD $285.00 Confirmed

You followed every policy, regulation and procedure to determine a contract award. Regardless, it happened to you – a protest! Take it one step at a time to understand the nature of a protest and its nuances, which are contributing factors. This lively seminar will provide an opportunity to discuss real live examples, determine root causes, predict opinions, and execute improved processes.

  • Define what a protest is 
  • Discuss ways to reduce the probability of a protest 
  • Explain how to respond to a protest
  • Understand what protest is 
  • Learn to distinguish between kinds of protests
  • Learn how to reduce the potential for protest 
  • Learn how to effectively "debrief" with "non-award" vendors
  • Learn what to do if you receive protest
  • Learn how to formally respond to protest
  • Learn to eliminate the emotion related to protest
  • Review and discuss some case studies of protests



Performance Measurement, Metrics & Management Strategies

Date Location Site Duration Certification UPPC Points CEU Units Min Attend Instructor Cost Notes
Dec 3, 2014 Meridian ISP 1 day 8 hrs 1 0.75 15 John Miller $285.00 Confirmed

Performance Management, Measurement and Metric Strategies in Public Procurement is a results based management system that is used to guide the selection, development and ongoing use of performance measures and metrics within public procurement. This course provides the requisite skill set necessary to effectively implement the process within the public procurement operation. Performance Management, Measurement and Metric strategies enable procurement to develop goals, targets and implement best practices that assure the attainment of agreed upon strategic outcomes and improve operational effectiveness.

  • Reinforce the fundamental principles and practices of Performance Management
  • Outline the relationship between management and measurement.
  • Identify the procurement areas to be assessed using performance measurement.
  • Explain how performance management, measurement and metrics will benefit and maximize the performance and operational effectiveness of the procurement function.
  • Define various performance management, measurement and metrics methodologies.
  • Integrate performance management, measurement and metric strategies into the various competitive contracting processes.

Covers: Introduction to Performance Management; Measurement and Metrics, Understanding Performance Management Principles within a Public Procurement Context, Procurement Performance Management: Aligning Operations with Outcomes, Improving Performance with Measurement and Metrics, Overview and Examples of Performance Based Contracting

John R. Miller, CPPO, is responsible for procurement services for the Harford County Public School System in Maryland. Prior to joining Harford County Schools in 2000. Mr. Miller authored the NIGP textbook, “Contracting for Services” in 1996 and co-authored two textbooks for NIGP in 2002 titled, “Contracting for Public Sector Services” and “Alternative Dispute Resolution” as part of the NIGP LEAP curriculum. Mr. Miller received his Masters in Governmental Administration (MGA) from the University of Pennsylvania and his BS degree in Finance from the University of Baltimore.

Intro to Public Procurement

Date Location Site Duration Certification UPPC Points CEU Units Min Attend Instructor Cost Notes
TBD Boise ISP-Meridian 1 day 8 hrs 1 0.75 15 Bonnie Sletten, CPM, CPPO None  

Public Procurement is quite different from the private industry with regard to Idaho Code and IDAPA policies. This class is for purchasing people who are new to public procurement.

  • How Public Purchasing is Different
  • Idaho Purchasing History
  • Statutes and Rules
  • The Purchasing Process
  • Types of Purchasing
  • Integrity, Ethics & Vendor Relationships

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