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IPRO ePurchasing System

IPRO ePurchasing System

The Idaho Division of Purchasing posts business opportunities on the IPRO e-purchasing system. Many state agencies are also using this system. Use of this Internet-based system allows vendors to respond to solicitations online or download non-interactive bids or proposals, update their company information and contacts, see bid results, and receive purchase orders and contracts online. You need access to the Internet and a current web browser that supports 128-bit encryption.

IPRO Vendor Registration

  1. To register as a vendor please click here

IPRO Bid Opportunities

  1. To see a list of bid opportunities, visit the IPRO website and click Bid Opportunities.
  2. To view detailed bid information, you must log in.
  3. If you do not have a login, click IPRO Vendor Registration and complete the form.


  1. The technical support for the IPRO WebProcure system is provided by Perfect Commerce. For technical questions, below is the contact information: 
    WebProcure Technical Support
    Monday through Friday
    5:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time
  2. They will be glad to assist you with access to the new software program and walk you through how to use the system as well as show you the on line help.


  • Cost:
    There is no charge to set up your company profile or to search, view, and respond to solicitations.

    Note: An Administrative Fee may apply to the resulting contract, as detailed in the solicitation documents.

  • Registration:
    Visit the IPRO website and click IPRO Vendor Registration.
  • Alerts:
    Once you set up your account, the IPRO system is designed to send an e-mail to the contact address you provided, alerting you to the State of Idaho solicitations posted in IPRO, based on the commodity and service selections you included in your registration information.

Other Bid Opportunites: