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Policy Directives

Policy Directives

  • Policy Directive No. 10-02 JUL-2010
    Universities and Colleges - exempts the purchase of scientific equipment required for research conducted by State of Idaho university and college research departments that enable specific scientific measurement, readings, tolerances or performance applicable to the research project.
  • Policy Directive No. 11-01 JAN-2011
    State Appellate Public Defender - exempts legal and professional services as they relate to client representation (not already exempt as a small purchase) by those state entities within the Department of Self- Governing agencies.
  • Policy Directive No. 11-02 JAN 2016

    Idaho State Police (and other applicable state agencies) - exempts purchase of property under existing state contracts when property acquired is for and used in undercover investigative work that remains anonymous.

  • Policy Directive No. 11-03 AUG-2011
    Exempts purchases of vaccines from CDC contracts from competitive bidding. Used by public health agencies only.
  • Policy Directive No. 11-04 AUG-2016
    Exempts legal advertising, public service announcements, and purchase of copyrighted materials primarily available from the publisher from competitive bidding; as well as licensing for qualifying online databases.
  • Policy Directive No. 11-05 AUG-2011
    Establishes a policy and procedure for true emergency purchasing. Exempts true emergencies from competitive bidding.
  • Policy Directive No. 11-06 AUG-2011
    Exempts some purchases which include educational discounts offered to qualifying educational institutions from competitive bidding.
  • Policy Directive No. 11-07 AUG-2011
    Endowment Fund Investment Board - exempts purchase of services related to fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Policy Directive No. 11-09 AUG-2011
    Juvenile Corrections - exempts some services used by Juvenile Corrections.
  • Policy Directive No. 11-10 AUG-2011
    Legal Services - exempts the acquisition of legal services (not already exempt as a small purchase under Idaho Purchasing Rule 44) by those state entities within the Department of Self-Governing agencies.
  • Policy Directive No. 11-11 NOV-2013
    Raises the no bid limit to $100,000 for state employee education, training, and related expenses. The new revision adds the cost of funding training or training related travel for other public employees receiving training.
  • Policy Directive No. 12-1 JAN-2012
    Idaho Career and Technical Education (CTE)- exempts the purchase of instructional services for the Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program through the Idaho Career and Technical Education (CTE) .
  • Policy Directive No. 13-1 SEPT-2012
    Idaho Department of Correction- exempts payments pertaining to lodging and living expenses that are made by the Department of Correction on behalf of offenders transitioning into the community in accordance with Department of Correction Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Policy Directive No. 13-2 APR-2013
    Idaho Department of Correction- exempts purchase of Offender Medical insurance purchased by the Idaho Department of Correction for the purpose of providing medical insurance coverage for offenders when travelling to and from job sites and for offenders engaged in community work projects or special projects such as firefighting.
  • Policy Directive No. 13-03 SEPT-2013
    Health and Welfare & Veteran Services- Exempts certain specialized services (e.g. specialized foster care, residential care services; identified medical services, etc.).
  • Policy Directive No. 13-4 JUNE 2016
    Exempts certain legal services, including services for administrative hearings officers, professional case reviewers and expert witnesses.
  • Policy Directive No. 13-5 OCT-2013
    Federal Surplus Program- Exempts the acquisition of inbound freight services for the Federal Surplus Property program (located witin the Department of Administration).
  • Policy Directive No. 15-01 AUG-2015
    Exempts limited duration (or seasonal) work and job training opportunities for the youth of Idaho (generally defined as individuals between the age of 16 and 25) established through a written agreement with a Youth or Conservation Corps (or similar entity).
  • Policy Directive No. 15-02 AUG-2015
    Exempts agency memberships in national and other associations and partnerships where the annual agency spend is no more than $50,000.
  • Policy Directive No. 15-03 AUG-2015
    Provides exemption from use of open contracts for purchases from Idaho Correctional Industries (CI); and provide for an exemption from competition for purchases from CI.
  • Policy Directive No. 15-04 AUG-2015
    Exempts acquisition of extradition services to return parole violators and dual commitment offenders back to the state of Idaho under certain circumstances.
  • Policy Directive No. 16-01 APR-2016
    Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (IDVR)-Exempts identified services and equipment procured specifically to assist individuals with a diverse array of disabilities to prepare, obtain, advance in, and retain employment based on their unique skills and abilities.
  • Policy Directive No. 16-02 MAY-2016
    Allows for Annual Price Agreements for the services of qualified inspectors to perform Organic Inspections & Specialized Material Reviews for ISDA.
  • Policy Directive No. 16-03 APRIL 2017

    Exempts the acquisition of Instructional Services and Facility Use for College/University courses involving unique or specialized training not otherwise exempt; when geographic or other factors result in a limited pool of instructors and/or facilities.  Other state agencies may apply to the Administrator for extension of this Policy Directive.

  • Policy Directive No. 16-04 NOV-2016
    Exempts Investigative Case Support and/or Analysis for Idaho State Police (ISP) and other authorized agencies, in support of investigations.
  • Policy Directive No. 17-01 MAY-2017
    Exempts Test Kits, Test Supplies and Consumables required by federal regulation which are available from a single supplier.

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