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Statewide Contracts

Statewide Contracts

The following list of open contracts were executed by Purchasing. State agencies can contact a vendor directly to purchase goods or services at terms, conditions, and rates specified in the contract. The use of these contracts are governed by Idaho Code § 67-9230(5) which reads in part "No officer or employee shall fail to use an open contract except as provided in this chapter."

Note: Information provided on this page is for the convenience of ordering agencies. There are no guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the information.

Public Agency (PA) Clause

Contract prices, terms, and conditions shall be extended to State of Idaho agencies, departments, divisions, bureaus, universities, institutions, and so forth as per the specifications of the contract. Contract prices, terms, and conditions may be extended to other public agencies as defined in § 67-2327 of the Idaho Code, which reads:

"Public Agency means any city or political subdivision of this state, including but not limited to counties; school districts; highway districts; port authorities; instrumentalities of counties; cities or any political subdivision created under the laws of the State of Idaho."

It is the responsibility of the public agency to independently contract with the vendor and/or comply with any other applicable provision of Idaho Code governing public contracts.

The PA column in the table below indicates whether the contract terms, conditions, and rates are available to public agencies.

Contract List

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z   Information Technology

\ \ \ <
Ammunition (Practice) Jason Urquhart Contract Instructions 8/15/2018 Y SBPO18200040 Professional Police Supply, Inc.

Price Schedule

Automobile Parts Danny Downen 12/31/2018 Y SBPO16200655 NAPA Auto Parts
Automobile Rental


Danny Downen Contract Instructions

Online Ordering Instructions

10/18/2018 Y PADD1073 Enterprise/National

Program Summary and Pricing
Enterprise Oregon ERAC Master Agreement
Information and Website Link

Contract Instructions

Online Ordering Instructions

PADD1074 Hertz

Program Summary and Pricing
Hertz Oregon ERAC Master Agreement
Hertz Website Instructions
Hertz Direct Bill Program
Hertz Gold Enrollment & eReceipts

Body Armor (NASPO Value Point Contracts)

NASPO Value Point


Jason Urquhart Contract Instructions
3/15/2019 Y PADD17200142

Armor Express

Distibutors List


Contract Instructions

Point Blank Enterprises

Distibutors List

Contract Instructions
PADD17200144 Safariland, LLC

Distibutors List

Contract Instructions
PADD17200256 Survival Armor, Inc.

Distibutors List

Breast Pumps and Accessories (NASPO Value Point Contracts)

Washington Master Price Agreement Contract 01910

Chelsea Robillard Contract Instructions 6/30/2018 Y PADD1078 Hygeia II Medical Group

Price Schedule
Order Requirements
Sales Representatives

Contract Instructions PADD16200123

Medela Inc.
Price Schedule
Breast Pump Recycling

CDL Alcohol & Controlled Substance Testing Jason Urquhart Contract Instructions 12/31/2018 Y SBPO15200509 Central Drug System, Inc.

Price Schedule
Collection Sites
CDL Cut-Off Levels

Copiers, Printers and Related Devices

Placement Form
Contract Overview

Arianne Quignon 1/1/2020 Y PADD16201163 Sharp NASPO Master Agreement

Dealer Contact List

PADD16201165 HP NASPO Master Agreement.

HP Quote Website

PADD16201164 Xerox NASPO Master Agreement

Dealer Contact List

PADD16201166 Canon NASPO Master Agreement

Dealer Contact List

Canon Idaho Pricing

PADD17200007 Konica Minolta NASPO Master Agreement

Dealer Contact List

PADD17200088 Ricoh USA NASPO Master Agreement

Dealer Contact List

Data Breach and Credit Monitoring Services


Stephanie Wildman 2/22/2019 Y Contract Instructions PADD16200941

Identity Theft Guard Solutions

Drug Testing Kits


Jason Urquhart Contract Instructions 9/30/2018   PADD16200245

Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, Inc.

Envelopes Stephanie Wildman Contract Instructions 10/7/2018 Y SBPO16200336 Allied Envelope

Price Schedule

Facilities MRO Arianne Quignon Contract Instructions 5/31/2018 Y PADD1082 Fastenal Company

Idaho Locations and Contacts
Fastenal Website
Fastenal Value Added Services

Contract Instructions PADD1083 WWGrainger, Inc

WW Grainger Website

Fresh Produce Jason Urquhart Contract Instructions 10/31/2018 Y SBPO18200151 Grasmick Produce
Fuel Card Jason Urquhart

Valerie Bollinger

Contract Instructions 12/8/2018 Y SBPO15200544


WEX Sites

Accepting Locations

Fuels, Bulk



Danny Downen Contract Instructions 11/28/2018 Y SBPO17200383 Busch Distributors, Inc.

Busch State Zone 1- UNL
Busch State Zone 1-Diesel

11/28/2018 SBPO17200381 Atkinson Distributing, Inc.

Atkinson State Zone 2-UNL
Atkinson State Zone 2-Diesel

11/28/2018 SBPO17200382 CHS, Inc.

CHS State Zone 2-UNL

11/28/2018 SBPO17200380 Baird Oil Company

Baird State Zone 3-UNL
Baird State Zone 3-Diesel

11/28/2018 SBPO17200386 Valley Wide Cooperative

ValleyWide State Zone 4-UNL
ValleyWide State Zone 4-Diesel

11/28/2018 SBPO17200387 Lynch Oil Company

Lynch State Zone 5-UNL

11/28/2018 SBPO17200385

Kellerstrass Enterprises, Inc.

Kellerstrass State Zone 5-UNL

Kellerstrass State Zone 5-Diesel
Kellerstrass State Zone 6-UNL

11/28/2018 SBPO17200384 PRB Oil Company, LLC

PRB State Zone 6-UNL
PRB State Zone 6-Diesel

Infant Formula Rebate (WIC/NASPO Value Point) Chelsea Robillard Contract Instructions 9/30/2018 Y PADD1108 Abbott Laboratories Inc.
Contract Instructions PADD16200472 Gerber Products Company
Laboratory Equipment & Supplies (NASPO Value Point)

NASPO Value Point

Chelsea Robillard

Arianne Quignon

Contract Instructions 3/31/2019 Y PADD16201018 Fisher Scientific

Discount Schedule

Fuel Surcharge

Contract Instructions PADD16201019 VWR International

Discount Schedule

Contract Instructions PADD16201020 Nikon Instruments

Mailing Equipment and Services
NASPO Value Point Contracts
Joseph Nelson 5/14/2019 Y PADD18200409 OPEX Corpporation
Contract Instructions 10/11/2017 PADD1096 Pitney Bowes

Lease Agreement
"Make it Easy Guide for Pitney Bowes"

Contract Instructions 10/11/2017 PADD1097 Neopost

Lease Agreement
Contact List

Medical & Hospital Supplies & Services
HPSI, MMCAP - Group Membership required
Chelsea Robillard
Contract Instructions 8/28/2018 N PADD16200471 Medline Industries


Contract Instructions 8/28/2018 N PADD1112 McKesson Medical-Surgical Minnesota


Core Pricing

Remittance Address 2018

Contract Instructions 8/28/2018 Y PADD1110 Henry Schein Medical


HIV Rapid Testing Kits/Saliva Alcohol Testing Kits and Hepatitis C Rapid Testing
Chelsea Robillard Contract Instructions 1/14/2020 Y PADD1117 Orasure Technologies
Milk Jason Urquhart Contract Instructions 2/28/2019 Y SBPO17200451 Meadow Gold Dairy

Delivery Locations

Office Furniture

"Full Service" Furniture Products: seating, desks, tables, filing, metal storage and wooden case goods and systems furniture. Design, Re-design and Dealer service rates for inside delivery and installation.

Arianne Quignon Contract Instructions 4/28/2018 Y PADD1113 Allsteel

Featured Product List
Appendix A-Discount Price Matrix
Appendix B-Dealer Services Rates
Business Interiors Website
Allsteel Website

Contract Instructions 4/28/2018 Y PADD1115 Steelcase, Inc.

Featured Product List
Appendix A-Discount Price Matrix
Appendix B-Dealer Services Rates
OEC Website
Porter's Office Products
Steelcase Website

Contract Instructions 4/28/2018 Y PADD1116 Herman Miller

Featured Product List
Appendix A-Discount Price Matrix
Appendix B-Dealer Services Rates
Herman Miller Website

Office Supplies Jason Skelton Contract Instructions 12/19/2019 Y PADD15200009 Office Depot Inc.

Office Depot Website

Contract Instructions PADD17200120 Metro Office Solutions

Metro Office Solutions Website

Metro Office Request for Account

Paper (Xerographic) Jason Skelton     Please see Office Supplies
Paper & Plastics, Cleaning Supplies and Plastic Bags & Liners Jason Urquhart Contract Instructions 5/31/2018 Y SBPO1392 Brady Industries

Bid Schedule

Pharmaceutical Hazardous Waste Management Services
Chelsea Robillard
9/30/2018 N PADD16200377 Clean Harbors Environmental Services
(Membership in MMCAP Required)
Chelsea Robillard
Contract Instructions 10/31/2019 N PADD16200668

Cardinal Health

Police Radar, Lidar Parts and Accessories
NASPO Value Point
Jason Urquhart Contract Instructions 10/31/2018 Y PADD1092 MPH Industries

Pricing and Ordering Information

Contract Instructions PADD1093 Laser Technology

Pricing and Ordering Information

Contract Instructions PADD18200228 Applied Concepts, Inc.

Pricing and Ordering Information

Propane Danny Downen Contract Instructions 12/11/2018 Y SBPO15200555 AmeriGas Propane LP

(Zones 1, 2, 3, 4)

Price Schedule

Contract Instructions Y SBPO15200554 Suburban Propane, L.P.

(Zones 5 & 6)

Price Schedule

Purchasing Card

PCard Statement Calendar

Jason Urquhart Contract Instructions 7/31/2018 Y SBPO1391 Bank of America
Small Package Delivery Services Joseph Nelson Contract Instructions 11/27/2021 Y PADD17200395 FedEx

Account Signup Form
Telephone Support Shortcuts
Dangerous Goods Shipping Notice
FedEx Idaho Carrier Rates 10/2014

Contract Instructions 11/27/2021 Y PADD17200397 UPS

UPS Idaho - WSCA Contact Information

UPS Idaho Carrier Rates
UPS and the State of Idaho

SnowPlow Blade Cutting Edges

Danny Downen 6/30/2018 Y PADD16200565 Valk Manufacturing Company
PADD18200218 Winter Equipment Company, Inc.
Tire, Tube and Related Services Danny Downen Contract Instructions 3/31/2019 Y SBPO17200705 Les Schwab Tire Centers

Tire Pricing
Service Pricing

Contract Instructions 3/31/2019 Y PADD1099 Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Tire Pricing
Service Pricing

Contract Instructions Y PADD1100 Bridgestone Americas Tire Operation (includes Firestone)

Tire Pricing
Service Pricing

Contract Instructions Y PADD1101 Michelin North America (includes BF Goodrich and Uniroyal)

Tire Pricing
Service Pricing


Summary of Awards
Vehicle Order Form

Ordering & Production Schedule for US Vehicles

EPA Fuel Ratings

Area Map

Danny Downen

Contract Instructions 2/4/2020 Y SBPO18200329 Corwin Auto Idaho, LLC

Ford Pricing

Contract Instructions SBPO18200326 Goode Motor Ford, LLC

Ford Pricing

Contract Instructions SBPO18200328 Kendall Dealership Holdings, LLC

GMC Pricing

Contract Instructions SBPO18200324 Mountain Home Auto Ranch Chevrolet Pricing

Dodge-Ram Pricing
Ford Pricing
GMC Pricing

Contract Instructions SBPO18200330 Ron Sayer, Inc.

Dodge-Ram Pricing

Contract Instructions SBPO18200325 Smith Chevrolet

Chevrolet Pricing

Contract Instructions SBPO18200327 Young CDJR of Burley, LLC

Dodge-Ram Pricing

Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and Related Services



Stephanie Wildman

Contract Instructions  

Pricing, Product and Service Schedule  

3/31/2020 Y PADD15201019 Pure Storage, Inc.

Reseller List

3/31/2020 PADD15201093 NetApp, Inc

Reseller List

3/31/2020 PADD15201101 Ace Technology Partners, LLC

Ace Sales Contact Info

3/31/2020 PADD15201139 Lenovo

Reseller List  

Reseller Agent List  

3/31/2020 PADD17200695 Lenovo Global Technology

Reseller List  

3/31/2020 PADD15201190 EMC Corporation

Reseller List  

3/31/2020 PADD16200012 Dell Marketing, L.P.

Reseller List  

Dell Contact List  

3/31/2020 PADD16200008

Xiotech Corporation 

3/31/2020 PADD16200016

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Inc. 

Reseller List  

Reseller Agent List  

Bands 4 & 5

Hewlett Packard Enterprise will provide Servers and Storage including related peripherals and services.

3/31/2020 PADD16200017

HP Inc. 

Reseller List  

Fulfillment Subcontractor List 

Bands 1, 2, & 3

HP Inc. will provide Desktops, Laptops and Tablets including related peripherals and services.

3/31/2020 PADD16200162

Microsoft Corporation 

Reseller List  

3/31/2020 PADD16200328

Panasonic Computer Solutions Co. 

Reseller List  

3/31/2019 PADD16200511

IBM Corporation 

Business Partner List  

3/31/2020 PADD17200261

Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

Reseller List  

Kathy Corless 3/31/2019 SDE
PADD 16-0010


The Apple PADD is administered by the State Department of Education, not the Division of Purchasing. Please contact Kathy Corless at SDE for Apple contractual matters related to Computer Equipment, Peripherals, and Related Services.

Data Communication Hardware

ValuePoint Agreement JP14001 Data Communications Products and Service

Gregory Lindstrom  05/31/2019   PADD1118 Cisco Systems, Inc.

Reseller List

5/31/2019 Y PADD15200182 Juniper Networks

Reseller List

GIS Software Master Purchase Agreement Jason Urquhart 3/31/2020 Y SBPO1218 ESRI Inc - Environmental Systems Research Institute

Price List

Contact Esri NW Office,  360-754-4727
Nathalie Smith ext.8958
Sarah Barnes ext. 8934

GIS Software Site License Agreement for Higher Education Institutions Jason Urquhart 1/31/2019 Y SBPO1295 ESRI Inc - Environmental Systems Research Institute

Contact Esri NW Office,  360-754-4727
Nathalie Smith ext.8958
Sarah Barnes ext 8934

Internet Services Gregory Lindstrom 12/31/2018 Y SBPO1410 Integra Telecom Holdings, Inc.

Cost Sheet

SBPO1411 Syringa

Cost Sheet

IT Services Contracts

Instructions for Using IT Services Contracts

IT Service Categories and Subservice Descriptons

IT Services Contracts Award by Category and Pricing

Project Service Order Form

Contract Solicitation

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Gregory Lindstrom 6/30/2018 Y SBPO15201081 22 Century Tech
SBPO15201079 ACRO
SBPO15201084 Ardent Technologies
SBPO15201066 BES Technologies
SBPO15201065 Cambridge Sytematics
SBPO15201076 Coolsoft LLC
SBPO15201077 Corporate Technologies
SBPO15201072 CRI Advantage
SBPO15201082 Elegant Enterprise-Wide Solutions
SBPO15201069 Experis IT Services
SBPO15201083 Information Resource Group
SBPO15201075 KMP Companies
SBPO15201073 Maxis Group
SBPO15201074 RE/SPEC Inc.
SBPO15201070 Resource Data
SBPO15201078 Rose International
SBPO15201080 Solution Stream
SBPO15201067 Tek Systems
SBPO15201068 Telstar Associates
SBPO15201071 Xtreme Consulting
Microsoft ESA & Value Added Software Reseller

Jason Urquhart Contract Instructions 7/31/2018 Y SBPO1388 Dell Marketing

Dell Cost Proposal
Online Ordering

Contract Instructions 6/3/2018 Y PADD17200277 SHI International Corp


Over-the-Phone Language Interpreter Services Chelsea Robillard 3/4/2018 Y PADD15200971

CTS Language Link

CTS Master Agreement


Linguistica International

Linguistica Master Agreement

Public Safety Communication Equipment (radios & misc equipment) Danny Downen 6/30/2018 Y PADD18200017

NEC Corp of America

Price List

Daniels Electronics Ltd.

Price List

Radio Frequency Systems, Inc.

Price List
Distributors List

Harris Corp.-PSPC

Price List
Distributors List


Price List
Distributors List

JVC Kenwood

Price List
Distributors List
6/30/2018 PADD17200251

TASC Systems Inc.

Price List

Relm Wireless Corporation

Distributors List
Price List

E.F. Johnson

Distributors List
Price List

Security-Related Products

IT Security Related Products Breakout

Pricing - All Contracts

Jason Urquhart

Contract Instructions - All Contracts



9/15/2018   SBPO17200157

Structured Communication Systems


Network Consulting Services, Inc.


Compunet, Inc


Right Systems Inc


Presidio Networked Solutions

12/28/2018 SBPO17200373

Network Consulting Services, Inc.

Security-Related Services

IT Security Related Services Breakout and Pricing

Project Service Order Form

Jason Urquhart

Contract Instructions - All Contracts



11/14/2018   SBPO18200187

NuHarbor Security


DevCare Solutions


SeNet International Corporation

11/16/2018 SBPO18200223

CRI Advantage, Inc.

State Networks


Network Services:

SIP Trunks:

Dark Fiber:
(site specific award)

Stephanie Wildman All orders for State Agencies must go through the OCIO 11/30/2020 Y

Telephone Service


Business Line

For ordering call 208-332-1502

Gregory Lindstrom 6/30/2018 Y SBPO1370 Qwest

Cost Proposal



SBPO1371 Integra

Cost Proposal

SBPO1372 Level 3

Cost Proposal

Telephone Service

Switched Telecommunications

Video and Audio Conferencing Services

Gregory Lindstrom 12/31/2018 Y SBPO15200473 CenturyLink, Inc.

Cost Proposal

Telephone Service

Wireless Equipment & Airtime (NASPO Value Point Contracts)

Stephanie Wildman Contract Instructions 6/30/2019 Y PADD1103

Sprint Solutions Inc.

Coverage Map

Contract Instructions PADD1102

AT&T Mobility National Accounts



Verizon Wireless

Information & Ordering Contact



Information & Ordering Contact


Discount Cell, Inc