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Current DOP Procurement Projects

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Current DOP Procurement Projects
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This report includes procurement projects (solicitations) being administered by DOP. Projects administered by other agencies are not included, and projects started before March 2024 may not appear in the report.
Projects will appear in this report as soon as they are created (see Project Dates “created” field) – before formal timelines are developed. Due dates for projects that have not been formalized (typically in the first two weeks of “created” date) are default dates that are subject to change. Please note: projects will appear in this report weeks or months before the sourcing events open in Luma.
The Anticipated Milestones field includes the current target date for posting the sourcing event (if currently in development). This may be updated.
Project Status is typically updated weekly. The Status “posted on” date will tell you how current the status information is. If there is no status, it may be a new project that has not been formalized.

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