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Inspection, Acceptance, and Performance MonitoringA detailed look at "acceptance" of goods and services through various methods of inspection, as well as methods for ongoing performance monitoring. Pre-requisites: none.Agency buyers, end-users, and project managers. Specifically targeted at employees who will actually perform inspection and monitoring of goods and services.Register For Class
Introduction to ITBs and RFPsN/AAn introduction to formal solicitations, including determination of the appropriate solicitation method, identification of key issues, and the evaluation and award process. Pre-requisites: Intro to Public Procurement AND Request for Quotes (RFQs).Agency purchasing staff, SMEs, and managers who will be involved with formal solicitations.Register For Class
Introduction to Public Procurement27 Feb 2020
830am - 4pm
JRW East Conference Rm
An introduction to the statutes, rules, policies, and procedures administered by the Division of Purchasing. Pre-requisites: none. (Note: this class is a pre-requisite for many other classes.Open to any agency/political subdivision staff interested in public purchasing. Specifically designed for: agency purchasing staff, especially those new to Idaho procurement; agency staff responsible for small purchases; project managersRegister For Class
Request for Quotes (RFQs)A detailed look at the RFQ process including document development, specifications and other requirements, quote evaluation, contract language, and other common issues. Pre-requisites: Intro to Public Procurement. (Note: This class is a pre-requisite for the Introduction to ITBs and RFPs class.)Agency/political subdivision staff who will be responsible for drafting RFQs and potentially administering the RFQ processRegister For Class
Statewide Contracts and Spending LimitsOnlineThis training is a very high-level review of two basic concepts in state procurement:
Spending limits and Statewide/open contracts.
This training is open to anyone; however, it covers requirements that apply specifically to “agencies” as defined in Idaho Code 67-9203(3). This generally includes executive level state agencies. If you do not work for an “agency” (or if you don’t know if these requirements apply to you), contact your purchasing representative, legal counsel, or DOP.Click Here to View Training
Writing SpecificationsA detailed look at developing specifications. Pre-requisite: Intro to Public Procurement.Agency buyer and subject matter experts (SMEs) who will help develop specifications.

Please email to express interest in training in IPRO (the State’s eProcurement system). Training will be scheduled as deemed appropriate, depending on interest and immediacy of agency need.
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19 November 2019JRW East Conference RoomAgenda
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13 February 2020JRW East Conference RoomAdd to CalendarAgenda

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lightbulb When determining the “total value” for purposes of choosing the appropriate method of competition, you must include all options, potential renewals, and any reasonably anticipated additions or increases. DOP considers 5 years to be the typical potential life of a contract (some agencies use a shorter window); therefore, if an ongoing service (such as janitorial or landscaping) costs $2,000 or more annually, the total value is $10,000, and an informal solicitation is required.
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