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    8:30am - 4:00pmJRW East Conference Room

    An introduction to the statutes, rules, policies, and procedures administered by the Division of Purchasing. Pre-requisites: none. (Note: this class is a pre-requisite for many other classes. This requirement may be waived at DOP’s discretion).

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    Open to any agency/political subdivision staff interested in public purchasing. Specifically designed for: agency purchasing staff, especially those new to Idaho procurement; agency staff responsible for small purchases; project managers



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Please email IPRO@adm.idaho.gov to express interest in training in IPRO (the State’s eProcurement system). Training will be scheduled as deemed appropriate, depending on interest and immediacy of agency need.

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Did You Know?

When determining the “total value” for purposes of choosing the appropriate method of competition, you must include all options, potential renewals, and any reasonably anticipated additions or increases. DOP considers 5 years to be the typical potential life of a contract (some agencies use a shorter window); therefore, if an ongoing service (such as janitorial or landscaping) costs $2,000 or more annually, the total value is $10,000, and an informal solicitation is required.