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Statewide Fleet Card Services for:
  • various State of Idaho Agencies
  • Institutions, and Departments


Contact Information
WEX Contact:
Ryan Kelly (Account setup, Access WEX online)
(952) 922-1104

General Customer Service (driver related issues, out of network stations, etc.)
(800) 842-0071

Courtney Keach (Billing, reporting, WEXOnline)
(207) 523-6501

Alison Leger (invoice, payment, tax questions)
(207) 523-6501

website: Discover Accepting Locations for WEX Fleet Cards | WEX Inc.


Division of Purchasing Contact:




Special Instructions
  • General Customer Service will provide day to day service, and will be Idaho’s first line of defense for all driver related issues, such as driver authorization calls, out of network stations, etc.
  • For account setup or questions regarding access to WEX Online, please contact the WEX POC.


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