The following list of open contracts were executed by Purchasing. State agencies can contact a vendor directly to purchase goods or services at terms, conditions, and rates specified in the contract. The use of these contracts are governed by Idaho Code § 67-9230(5) which reads in part “No officer or employee shall fail to use an open contract except as provided in this chapter.”

Note: Information provided on this page is for the convenience of ordering agencies. There are no guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the information.

Public Agency (PA) Clause

Contract prices, terms, and conditions shall be extended to State of Idaho agencies, departments, divisions, bureaus, universities, institutions, and so forth as per the specifications of the contract. Contract prices, terms, and conditions may be extended to other public agencies as defined in § 67-2327 of the Idaho Code, which reads:

“Public Agency means any city or political subdivision of this state, including but not limited to counties; school districts; highway districts; port authorities; instrumentalities of counties; cities or any political subdivision created under the laws of the State of Idaho.”

It is the responsibility of the public agency to independently contract with the vendor and/or comply with any other applicable provision of Idaho Code governing public contracts.


Contract Types
  • SBPO: Statewide Blanket Purchase Orders (SBPOs) are statewide contracts that were solicited and put in place by DOP
  • PADD: Participating Addendums (PADDs) are statewide contracts that were solicited and put in place by a "Lead State" through a cooperative purchasing organization such as NASPO ValuePoint or the Minnesota Multistate Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy (MMCAP). DOP must have a PADD in place for agencies to utilize NASPO ValuePoint or MMCAP contracts. For more information on these cooperative purchasing organizations, visit NASPO ValuePoint or MMCAP
Using Statewide Contracts
  • Check the specific Contract you want to use in the table below to see if special instructions are provided
  • If no special instructions, contact the vendor directly to discuss your order
  • Contract pricing is generally "ceiling" pricing—agencies are encouraged to seek deeper discounts, especially when making bulk purchases
  • Be sure to always include the contract number on any order, and check invoices to confirm that you have received contract pricing
  • If you have questions, please contact the DOP Contract Administrator listed in the table below
Don't See What you need?
  • If you have an idea for a statewide contract (i.e. a commodity that is needed by many agencies across the state), please contact the State Purchasing Manager or email DOP Web Correspondence at
  • If you are interested in utilizing a NASPO ValuePoint or other cooperative contract, please contact the State Purchasing Manager. For public agencies, the State Purchasing Manager may give permission to enter into a direct Participating Addendum (not administered by DOP).

Contract List

Statewide Contracts